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We cruise daily along the beautiful Cinque Terre coastline. During all the cruises, our clients will became part of the experience, living special moments that we hope will make this adventure unforgettable! Swimming, Snorkeling, Local Product/ wines tasting and a lot of fun, will be certainly part of all our different proposals.
Day Tour

Day Tour

In those four and a half hour we will completely emerge ourselves in nature, history and in the traditions belonging to this marvelous, and now famous, part of Italy known as Cinque Terre…
Sunset Tour

Sunset Tour

After a long day of activities, come on board with us and enjoy a relaxing evening in the comfort of our boat romantically named “Giulietta”…

Unique Memories

Are you a large group, big family, or would just simply prefer to enjoy unforgettable moments in total privacy? This section is dedicated to those of you who want to celebrate a certain once-in-a-life-time event during their vacation in Cinque Terre, Marriage proposals, Anniversaries, birthdays…
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Are you a large group, a big family or would you simply prefer to enjoy an unforgettable moment in total privacy?

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